Call for Speakers for TEDxTUM 2015

Do you have an idea worth spreading, or do you know someone with a great idea? Help us inspire the world by nominating a speaker or applying to speak yourself at the next TEDxTUM 2015. The conference will take place in the coming winter term, we have created pages where you can tell us something […]

TEDxTUM2014 Talk: Philipp Reisinger – There can be no human 2.0 without a humanity 2.0

Are we ready as a species to face the increasing possibility of human-enhancing technologies becoming part of our society? In a thought-provoking talk, Philipp Reisinger, philosopher, theologian and future analyst, takes us on a reflective journey on what society could do to prepare itself for the disruptions that will be brought by these technologies.  

TEDxTUM 2014 Talk: Burkhard Rost – Personalized health: harnessing the power of diversity

  Do the differences between your genes and my genes matter, and if so, how? What does the future of personalized health look like? Burkhard Rost, one of the leading researchers in computational biology, takes us through some fascinating findings from his research, and envisions a future where personalized health can help harness the power […]