Discover Yourself

Every so often we find ourselves in a rut. Treading water in our lives, searching for that little something that reignites our imagination. When was the last time you broke away from the confines of your daily routine and discovered something new? 

At TEDxTUM Adventures, we invite you to join a series of unforgettable experiences – find a new interest, learn a new skill. Let them whet your appetite, spark your curiosity and lead you to discover yourself.

TEDxTUM Adventures: What to expect

In the coming months, we are releasing a limited series of thoughtfully-crafted experiences designed to spark curiosity and creativity. Together with former and new TEDxTUM speakers, we want to give you the chance to connect with new people, cultivate fresh interest, and break out of your routine.

Every adventure will offer an exclusive experience revolving around a specific topic. You will get the chance to deeply connect with a specific idea and the respective TEDxTUM speaker. Just pick the one(s) you are interested in and join us to discover something new.

To allow an intimate experiences, these adventures will only be offered for small groups. If the situation allows, they will take place as offline, in-person events. However, we all learned during the past year that planning ahead is difficult and sometimes, we have to change our plans to stay safe. Therefore, it is possible that some of those adventures will take place online, but still, we are working hard to create a unique experience with every TEDxTUM adventure.

So, stay tuned and keep feeling adventurous!

Preliminary timeline

The adventures

We are working on realizing more adventures, but in these uncertain times, we can’t say definitely what is going to happen and when. We are working hard on offering a great experience to our community. So please, just stay tuned and keep fingers crossed that this year will offer new opportunities and that we can keep spreading ideas even if it is in new formats.

Here, you can find an up-to-date overview of all planned or already realized adventures. 


Discover Your Mind

Discover Your Mind

23.01.2021, DE

Discover Your Mind

Discover Your Mind

13.02.2021, EN

Terms & Conditions

Please check our Terms & Conditions for general details. Specific conditions for each adventure can be found on the respective adventure page.


Any questions?

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Thanks to our partners, we can provide a high-quality event. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us. Images in the design are courtesy of Shutterstock.