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Every so often we find ourselves in a rut. Treading water in our lives, searching for that little something that reignites our imagination. When was the last time you broke away from the confines of your daily routine and discovered something new? 

At TEDxTUM Adventures, we invite you to join a series of unforgettable experiences – find a new interest, learn a new skill. Let them whet your appetite, spark your curiosity and lead you to discover yourself.

TEDxTUM Adventures: What to expect

In the coming months, we are releasing a limited series of thoughtfully-crafted experiences designed to spark curiosity and creativity. Together with former and new TEDxTUM speakers, we want to give you the chance to connect with new people, cultivate fresh interest, and break out of your routine.

Every adventure will offer an exclusive experience revolving around a specific topic. You will get the chance to deeply connect with a specific idea and the respective TEDxTUM speaker. Just pick the one(s) you are interested in and join us to discover something new.

To allow an intimate experiences, these adventures will only be offered for small groups. If the situation allows, they will take place as offline, in-person events. However, we all learned during the past year that planning ahead is difficult and sometimes, we have to change our plans to stay safe. Therefore, it is possible that some of those adventures will take place online, but still, we are working hard to create a unique experience with every TEDxTUM adventure.

So, stay tuned and keep feeling adventurous!

Preliminary timeline

The adventures

We are working on realizing more adventures, but in these uncertain times, we can’t say definitely what is going to happen and when. We are working hard on offering a great experience to our community. So please, just stay tuned and keep fingers crossed that this year will offer new opportunities and that we can keep spreading ideas even if it is in new formats.

Here, you can find an up-to-date overview of all planned or already realized adventures.

We are working at the moment to make our next adventure happen soon. If you want to stay up-to-date and don’t miss any opportunity, you can subscribe our newsletter or follow us on social media.


Past adventures


Discover Your Sense of Pain

– with Laura Bok, 18.05.21

A stubbed toe, a paper cut, hitting your funny bone. Who hasn’t experienced these small pains before?  But what happens when our aches won’t disappear even though their source is long gone?

Laura Bok, a pain researcher at TUM and one of the original members of PainLabMunich, is on a mission to uncover the brain’s mechanisms surrounding the subjective nature of pain perception and her goal is to make this sort of information accessible to thinkers at all levels.

At this virtual adventure, our attendees were taken on an interactive journey to discover pain and how we perceive it, with exclusive hands-on experiences and experiments in their own homes.

What did you discover about yourself?

That empathy can lead to a real feeling of pain.

The willingness to go to a lab to let researchers inflict pain on me – for science!

I am really sensitive to cold pain!

I need to be careful about putting scientific findings into a consistent perspective and context.

Discover Your Sound

– with Bernhard Seeber and Chrisna Lungala, 03.03.21

The alarm that rings too early in the morning, the music from our headphones, the honking of a car on a busy street. Sound is so ubiquitous that we often don’t even perceive it anymore. But what happens when it’s suddenly gone?

Bernhard Seeber, professor and researcher of audio systems, and Chrisna Lungala, composer and TEDxTUM team member, want to show you the enigmatic world of acoustics and the lack thereof.

At this adventure, Bernhard and Chrisna took our attendees on an expedition to their own hearing, the emotions that sound can create and the challenges in technology that help fight loss of hearing.

Discover Your Universe

– with Paul Salazar, 17.02.21

In the hustle and bustle of our cities, we often forget to stop and enjoy the quiet beauty that surrounds us. So let’s take a break together!

Paul Salazar, entrepreneur and hobby astronomer, wants to share his passion for astronomy with the world around him.

At this adventure, he took our attendees on an audio-guided walk through the stars at their location of choice.

What did you discover about yourself?

The love for the stars that I had as a child still exists.

I didn’t expect that stars could be so fascinating.

I got a feel of how you can get around the night sky for the first time.

The event helped me regain perspective – so important and sometimes missing with Covid-19.

Discover Your Mind

– with Dominique de Marné, 23.01.21

Are your batteries running low? Once in a while we may come across a period in our lives where we feel fatigued. And while we often talk about taking care of our bodies, not many of us ever talk about taking care of our minds. 

Dominique de Marné, mental health advocate, believes it is important to erase the stigma and provide a safe space to explore all things mental health.

In this interactive, virtual workshop with her, our attendees had the chance to learn more about the importance of “The Old You” and talk to kindred people.

What did you discover about yourself?

I can be very grateful to my old self.

It is always worth talking about mental health.

I have “survived” the year 2020 well and I am quite happy about it.

I shouldn’t take for granted what I’ve accomplished in my life, and I should feel free to praise myself.

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