The alarm that rings too early in the morning, the music from our headphones, the honking of a car on a busy street. Sound is so ubiquitous that we often don’t even perceive it anymore. But what happens when it’s suddenly gone?

Bernhard Seeber, professor and researcher of audio systems, and Chrisna Lungala, composer and TEDxTUM team member, take you into the enigmatic world of acoustics and the lack thereof.

So listen closely and go on a TEDxTUM Adventure with us!

Discover your sound: What to expect

With this TEDxTUM Adventure, we want to give you the chance to explore the world of sound. How does music affect our emotions? And why is hearing so important in a world where we are constantly bombarded with visual cues? Challenge your biases and delve deeper into these questions with Bernhard Seeber and Chrisna Lungala.

The “Discover Your Sound” adventure is planned to take place on 3 March 2021. Due to the current situation, the event will take place virtually.

At a glance

Date & Time

3 March 2021, 7 pm – 9 pm (approx.)


Virtual (details will be sent out to attendees via e-mail)


Enjoy this two part adventure on World Hearing Day. You will test your own hearing and explore emotions which are triggered by sound with Chrisna and then learn about the challenges in technology that help fight loss of hearing from Bernhard. Both speakers will be available for an individual round of Q&A

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Bernhard Seeber

Since his childhood, Bernhard Seeber has been drawn toward the science of sound. A hearing researcher whose work intersects between acoustics and audio, experimental psychology, signal processing, and more, Bernhard has dedicated his career to not just how we process sounds, but how we can do it even better.

As one of TUM’s own, Bernhard is a Professor of Audio Information Processing, having studied both information technology and electrical engineering. Currently, he is driving research forward to improve current hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies–while developing algorithms for acoustic virtual reality.

When he’s not exploring the audio world, where can you find Bernhard? Possibly playing guitar, drawing inspiration from creative people, or maybe even off-roading on his motorbike under the rugged seclusion of the desert sunshine. 

Chrisna Lungala

Chrisna Lungala believes that there is always music that needs to be heard, and always music that needs to be written. At 24 years old, he’s wise beyond his years: creative, driven, and in pursuit of a simple yet sweeping goal–to create art with talented individuals at a high level.

Working as a composer, he collaborates with others on projects and releases his own work as well, with an aim to invite more artists to work together in the future. If Chrisna had a neverending budget, that’s exactly what he’d do: build his own recording studio and approach as many artists as possible to create beautiful things.

Most of all, though, Chrisna wants to leave a footprint on the way we perceive music. Making music is one thing, but making music more approachable is another. For Chrisna, the aim is clear: to bring orchestral music to the limelight.


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