In the hustle and bustle of our cities we often forget to stop and enjoy the quiet beauty that surrounds us. So let’s take a break together! 

Paul Salazar, entrepreneur and hobby astronomer, brings you along on a voyage among the stars. Discover hidden stories about our universe and ponder with us about the small and grand things in life. 

Join our Stargazing Party and embark on a TEDxTUM Adventure with us!

Discover your universe: What to expect

With this TEDxTUM Adventure, we want to give you the chance to take a guided walk through the night sky above our heads, discover what is out there, reflect on our position in the Solar system and the universe and discuss your thoughts and questions with urban astronomer Paus Salazar. 

The “Discover Your Universe” adventure is planned to take place on 16 February 2021 (if weather permits) and, due to the current situation, you will be audio-guided through your very own stargazing adventure at a location of your choice (we recommend you to check out a suitable place under the night sky in advance).

At a glance

Date & Time

16.02.2021, 7-8:30pm (approx.)


Location of your choice. For the best experience, we recommend you check out a suitable place for the stargazing in advance. A clear view to the south is crucial, additionally, east, north and west are nice to have (in order of priority).

Also make sure you have good reception with your mobile device.

Details on how to join the call will be sent out to attendees via e-mail.


Enjoy this interactive audio-guided stargazing/walk through the stars with Paul Salazar (Please be prepared to be outside in the cold for about an hour).

You will also get a TEDxTUM gift box sent directly to your doorstep.

Language The official event language is English.
Term and Conditions See our Terms & Conditions to learn about general rules and our cancellation policy
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Paul Salazar

Entrepreneur and amateur astronomer Paul Salazar sits at a cross-section of different paths in life. Stemming from Mexican and Armenian roots, he’s a native of Los Angeles. His 30-year software and tech career led him up the California coastline to Silicon Valley before diverting across the globe to Munich, Germany. Despite Paul’s journeys across our planet, he’s always had his eyes on the skies. His passion for astronomy is something that he wants to share with the world around him. A natural teacher, he wants to not only improve the world but enrich it; it is Paul’s ultimate goal to use his knowledge, passion, and zest for the stars as a driving force for minds (young and old) around him. Paul is a storyteller, an optimist, a traveler, a sidewalk astronomer, a coffee-drinker.

In his TEDxTUM 2019 talk, he shows us how looking up to the night sky and exploring it as a group can help us to better understand the universe – and our place in it.


The weather forecast for tomorrow, 16 February, evening looks good, so the adventure will take place on 16 February, 7pm.

Tickets go on sale on 31.01.2021, 4pm. Please purchase your ticket until 09 February to make sure that your gift box arrives before the event. You will of course also get a gift box if you purchase your ticket after this date, but it might arrive after the event.

Please be aware that we can only send gift boxes to addresses in Germany.

To ensure a small group size, we are only selling a limited amount of tickets. So, don’t wait too long to grab your ticket.

If you can’t attend the adventure yourself, you can transfer your ticket to someone else, but please keep in mind that we are sending out gift boxes as part of the adventure. We cannot ensure that shipping addresses for boxes can also be changed later since we will send out the boxes soon after ticket purchase. 

Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Future adventures

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