What happens in-between TEDxTUM events?

Our team puts a lot of love and energy into organizing our events, but we don’t stop there. Driven by our passion for spreading ideas and engaging people’s creativity, we put on smaller, invite-only events and activities as well as interactive, fun online and offline campaigns. We also highlight our past talks along with other ideas from the TEDx universe and beyond in themed editorials. This is our blog, where we collect and document all of this.

Do you have a fun, interactive idea for us to do, or an impactful project for our team to contribute to, or would you like to get involved yourself? Use the contact form to get in touch.

Speakers at TEDxTUMSalon 2019

This year, we shook things up. Our lineup of speakers was 100% female. Each speaker—intrepid and compelling in her own right—graced the stage of the TEDxTUMSalon 2019 event with an idea that changed the shape of the world around her.

Through these talks, we’ve watched the preposterous become possible: from walking trees on Earth to roving robots on asteroids, not to mention the ways that we can flip the script on travel for generations to come. As the concepts from our TEDxTUMSalon 2019 event come full circle, we invite you to ask yourself: what boundaries can we continue to break in the future? What is still within reach?

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We all probably have watched tons of TED and TEDx talks before. And we all know the feeling of learning something new, of exploring something unknown, of getting inspired by a new idea.

These feelings drove our team to take the next step and not only get inspired by these ideas but bring them to action. So, 8 of our team members took on the challenge. They chose one TED(x) talk and assigned themselves one task.

Here, we share their individual journeys, experiences, and thoughts. See for yourself how they all solved one task inspired by one talk! #onetalkonetask

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The Empowerment Issue (Editorial #2)

It’s a dynamic world out there, and we want to get you fired up. We want to take a moment to highlight a few speakers who have electrified audiences near and far with their insights on the TEDx stage.

These speakers embody what it means to be raw, what it means to be courageous, and what it means to be unshakable in an environment that’s often uncertain. With these talks, we invite you to embrace your own sense of bold tenacity, even if the world is telling you to take the safe route.

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A Scientific Easter Egg (Editorial #1)

As new groundbreakers in science and technology race to the cutting edge, we want to celebrate those who have made an appearance on the TEDx stage, sharing their scientific acumen with the world by way of the TED Universe.

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