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We can't wait to welcome you at our main event. We have been preparing for this one since the beginning of the year and are going all in regarding speakers, performances, experience around the sessions, goodies and everything else. Our goal is for you to have a day during which you get into contact with ideas from many different fields, meet interesting people, get inspired and make surprising new connections in your mind. Find out all about the theme, program, tickets and all you need to know below.

About the theme: Conscious Reflection

Nowadays it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the pace of change and the amount of information surrounding us. The increased complexity of our lives leaves us in a state where conscious reflection has become rare, but vital. The challenges we face today require fruitful, holistic cooperation -- by embracing our diversity, we as communities can collectively tackle challenges that may remain too elusive and ominous to the individual person.

This diversity is both a great challenge and a great chance for synergy. Although it’s easy to only see our differences, let’s remember that underneath there are similar, profoundly human desires: to be heard, to be respected, to be needed, to belong. If we recognize that we as individuals influence our community and that everyone contributes in their own way, how much better could our collaboration become? Could we inflict positive change through our mindsets and actions and find our place in the bigger picture?

At TEDxTUM 2018 we invite you to take that much needed time to stop and reflect, deliberately and consciously, on ideas from a variety of fields and disciplines.

Overview and FAQ

Date & Time Saturday 1 December 2018, approx. 9am - 6:30pm
Location Audimax at TUM, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich
Speakers 11 Speakers & Performances (see below for more information)
Program 3 sessions of approx. 2h with exciting activities in-between
Language The official event language is English. There will be one German talk, but translation will be provided.
Food & Drinks We have you covered! There will be a lunch break and a shorter coffee break in which we will have food, snacks and drinks waiting for you.
Refunds Tickets to TEDxTUM are non-refundable, but you can change the name up to 72 hours before the event via email to - see below the ticket form for more information!

TEDxTUM strives to be inclusive to the largest number of contributors, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible. By attending the conference, you agree to abide by the Berlin Code of Conduct.


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Terms and Conditions

Tickets to TEDxTUM are non-refundable. If you find that you cannot attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to another name up to 72 hours before the event by sending an email to with your ticket number and the name to transfer the ticket to. For student tickets, we also need valid proof of matriculation. No transfers are possible after this time, and we cannot change any names at registration.

Please be aware that we are not selling tickets on the event day. If you want to attend TEDxTUM 2018, please purchase a ticket beforehand.

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Speakers & Performances

Gustavo Strauß is a German-Peruvian violin player and composer with a background in music theory, musical education, improvisation and jazz composition. His work ranges from classical to jazz to world music. He is passionate about tearing down walls between musical styles. Gustavo regularly tours the globe with his projects as well as other ensembles, bands and orchestras. At TEDxTUM 2018 he will share his musical take on Conscious Reflection with us.

Xiaoxiang Zhu is the professor for Signal Processing in Earth Observation at TUM. In order to monitor megatrends in global change, such as urbanization and climate change, her team develops signal processing, machine learning and data science algorithms to extract geo-information from big Earth observation satellite data. Xiaoxiang was always fascinated by space and enjoyed dealing with mathematically demanding tasks. All of this comes together in what she is researching today: satellite Earth observation perfectly combines her passion for space with her mathematical skills and interests. In her talk she’ll reveal how your social media presence can actually contribute to the greater global good.

Lin Kayser is a self-taught software-engineer-turned-entrepreneur, who has been building startup companies for more than 20 years. An avid environmentalist who thinks the way we builds things today is incredibly wasteful, Lin has made it his mission in life to change this. With Hyperganic, a software company he co-founded in 2015, he is working on the future of manufacturing in a world of 3D printers and biological processes. Lin will share his vision for creating human-made objects that are as complex and sustainable as nature, by using a combination of software-driven design, AI and digital fabrication, with us on the TEDxTUM stage.

Ilona Grunwald Kadow studies and teaches (and gets paid for some of the time she thinks about) what she’s most interested in: how does the brain work, where does it come from, and why is it the way it is?. As a neurobiologist and professor at TUM, she researches why and how physiological and metabolic states like hunger can affect decision making and neuronal processing. One piece of advice that has changed her own thinking is this motto: take advantage of your unfair advantages, and stop complaining about your unfair disadvantages. In her TEDxTUM talk, Ilona will reveal just how certain states of our brain influence our behaviours.

Urs Jandl is a choreographer and tap dancer who has been teaching at Tanzforum München for over 20 years. He loves the technical and rhythmical precision of tap dance. Sema Karakurt is a research assistant and process engineer who took one tap dancing class with Urs and never looked back. Come watch this fantastic duo bring tap dancing to the TEDxTUM stage for the first time!

Tommaso Gecchelin’s favorite word is “synergy”. His background in Physics and Industrial Design creates the perfect explosive mix of mathematics, engineering and art. Through his company NEXT, he’s able to harness his skills and turn his vision of future mobility into reality. But he doesn’t only believe in blurring disciplines and boundaries in his work: he’s also very passionate about being in synergy with people and their many different cultures. See for yourself on the TEDxTUM stage how Tommaso works on improving humanity mobility!

In 2007, Justus Schütze quit his well-paying job as senior manager at one of Europe’s biggest energy companies to live a more meaningful life. He became one of the founders of ‘BUZZN – People Power’ and since then has been fighting for a new energy culture. BUZZN’s mission: enable people to purchase electricity produced by their friends and neighbours. His talk will give us a glimpse into their envisioned future, which will surely disrupt the current centralized energy industry.

As a member of the Austrian mountain rescue team, Daniel Kühbacher loves the voluntary work he does. He thinks the biggest reward is the gratitude of patients when they’re taken down the mountain or to the hospital safely. He tries to help others in any situation, whether it’s a mountain emergency, a car accident, or someone in a wheelchair who just needs assistance at the train station. Since life is short, he tries to enjoy every day, and even if something unexpected happens, he remembers an important thing he’s learned from his friend Steffen: you can manage everything with a positive attitude!

Since he was little, Steffen Linßen has been fascinated by creating his own solutions to problems. Whether it was through Legos, electronics, or coding, his love of experimenting with new things started early. One of his goals is to create an accessible world that enables him and other people with disabilities to manage daily life without additional problems. His own disability taught him to have a positive outlook on life and encounter problems with humour and an open mind.

Together, they will remind us how important choosing the right perspective is when interacting with people around us, regardless of (dis)ability.

Growing up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, Maria Spletter’s backyard was the woods, lakes, swamps and rivers of the Nicolet-Chequamegon National Forest, where she learned to love observing nature at an early age. This fueled her scientific career, leading her to obtain a PhD in Biology from Stanford University and establish her own research group at the LMU in Munich, where she identifies which genes make muscles unique to understand causes of human muscle diseases. Wondering how she does that by studying flies, and what that could mean for the future? She will explain all of that in her talk!

Ralph Ammer loves to draw, investigate drawing as an instrument for thinking, and to wonder how drawings can come alive on computers. As professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, he explores the interaction of biological and digital systems. His aim is to create life-friendly objects, images, and services based on our love for nature. Ralph also studies philosophy together with his father at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. In his talk, he will take us on a journey about art, drawing, perception, and visual thinking.

Christoph Lüthi gets his drive from tackling truly global urban challenges! Heading the Department of Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development (Sandec) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), he is a part of one of the world’s leading water research centres. Sources of his inspiration are field work and visits to the slums of Africa and Asia. He also practices what he preaches: Christoph supplements his urban garden in Zurich with the Eawag-produced urine fertiliser, a fertiliser obtained from what would otherwise be flushed down the toilet. Find out more about his awesome ideas during his talk!

Inspiration from past events

Curious to see what the event will look like? Check our past events, complete with pictures and videos! This format is most similar to our 2017 event, Re-Formations of Tomorrow, our 2016 event, ENTELECHY, and our 2015 event, FACETS.

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