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We’re taking the plunge into intriguing conversations. We’re unraveling the unknown—from the earth below our feet to the skies above our heads. Do you dare to discover what we’ve got in store?

Session 3 "Take the Plunge" starts in...








What's Going On Right Now?

Enjoy Session 3, “Take the Plunge,” with the following speakers and performances: Julia Herzen, Sandra Heinzen, Iwanson International, Valentina Cafolla, Paul Salazar.

Please do not walk in and out of the hall during talks out of respect for the speakers.

Food and open drink containers are not allowed inside the hall.

Event Program

9:00 Registration
Come early to check out our activites, get coffee, and avoid long lines. Please make sure you plan in enough time before the first session starts! Head to the StufCafé (number 2 on the map) and have your digital ticket ready.
Session 1 "Unravel the Unknown"
5 Speakers and Performances will be in this session.
Lunch & Adventures
Have some vegetarian lunch and dive into our activities. Interact with the speakers of Session 1 in their speakers’ corners.
Session 2 "Dare to Discover"
4 Speakers and Performances will be in this session.
Coffee & Adventures
Activities, speakers’ corners of Session 2 speakers, coffee, and snacks are awaiting you!
Session 3 "Take the Plunge"
5 Speakers and Performances will be in this session.
18:30 Program End
There will be a chance to interact with the speakers of Session 3 in the Foyer.


14 Speakers and Performers have been working for months to bring the best version of their idea on stage. We can’t wait to have them share it with you. Check out their biographies to get a first hint as to what their talk or performance might be about.

What to do around the sessions

Did you know that only 50% of the value of a TEDx event comes from the talks? The other half comes from you. You have an entire world inside your mind, and guess what? So does the person standing next to you. Meet, converse, discuss, laugh, explore, and inspire. Don’t be afraid to walk up to a person you don’t know and dive into a conversation.

We have prepared several exciting activities to fire up your mind. Most of them are described below, but there are many other little surprises waiting for you throughout the event hall. Make sure you visit all parts of our venue to find them.

Check our venue map to see where our experiences are located.


Speakers’ Corners

At our five speakers’ corners (red, blue, green, pink & yellow), you can interact directly with the speakers from each session. Whether you engage in intriguing discussions, ask questions, or just congratulate them on a great talk, the floor is yours! Some of the speakers have even brought things for you to observe or play with in order to dive deeper into their idea. We will let you know at the top of this page which speaker is in which corner for each break.

Uncover New Worlds with VR

Have you ever wondered what it was like to step into another dimension? In between the talks, we invite you to leave the real world behind and dive into TEDxTUM’s custom-created virtual reality universe. Within all the worlds we’ve created for you to explore, how many VR layers will you dare to discover? With a modern Oculus Quest room-scale VR set, you can move around comfortably (which keeps your nausea level at zero). Take the plunge into virtual reality like never before at TEDxTUM Dive In…you know you want to.

Can One Burrito Really Make a Difference

How can we make sustainability fly? How far could your carbon footprint carry you? What does rice have in common with burping cows? These questions may seem random, but the pieces do fit together, we promise. Swing by our booth at StuCafé and discover how we (literally) unwrapped your lunch as part of our mission toward a more sustainable future. One meal may seem insignificant to the big picture at first, but we never could have guessed its environmental impact before dissecting it. Head over to our station to explore just how much of an influence one burrito can make in the world around us.

Food of the Future

What do you think we’ll eat in the future? To give you an idea of possible meals from a time to come, we’ve collected some small examples for you to try. But brace yourself, it’s quite a dare…! If you are an adventurous eater with a flair for a fearless diet, help yourself at our snack stand, “Food of the Future.

Mystery Box

Face your fears and unravel the unknown. Sink your hand into an unfamiliar box full of mysterious things, using your senses to uncover the secrets inside. To kick things up a notch, we’ve hidden several things inside the box that up the ante and make it fun to guess. The solution will be revealed to you towards the end of this adventure. The expression “touch and go” has never felt like such a reality.

Draw What Our Diver is Diving Into

Here you get the opportunity to bring our diver into an environment of your choice. What kind of adventure should he/she dive into? What should he/she discover? This is your chance to shake off the norms and break free of convention. Anything is possible, and no answer is wrong. With guidelines like that, what will you imagine? Grab some pens and take the plunge with your creativity.

Photo Wall

Create a lasting memory at our TEDxTUM “Dive In” photo wall and share your experience with our #-Printer on- and offline! You can even pose as a diver and choose the topic you are diving into and daring to discover.

Expression Wall

Find our wall, add your input to this year’s question: “What did you dare to do?” Check out what others shared about their experiences through the year, and maybe get inspired to take the plunge into something new!

Giant Jenga

Up for a game of Jenga? Yes, that Jenga, the game with the blocks. But this isn’t your family-game-night version; the blocks in our set are not only oversized, but come with a little surprise printed on each piece! Ready to play? You’ll find us in the StuCafé wearing themed hard-hats and laughing a lot!


Thanks to our partners, we can provide a high-quality event. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.

Images used in the event design courtesy to Shutterstock.

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