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What we can learn from blood cell chit-chat | Oliver Hayden
TEDxTUM 2022
About Oliver Hayden It’s the small things in life that count.  However, that doesn’t just apply to Oliver Hayden, who spends a lot of time looking at cells. It’s a general attitude traced throughout a life devoted to family, nature, and learning, but possibly best conveyed in the charming and laid-back self-description of his career […]

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Mariah Freya | Upcoming Speaker at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022
About Maria Freya “My sex life sucked after having kids”, Mariah Freya answered bluntly when asked how her personal life correlates with her profession. With her engaging casual ways, she creates the comfortable atmosphere it takes to capture any audience in a heartbeat, loosen up the mood and provide informed input to spark an effective […]
Manuel Opitz | Upcoming Speaker at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022
About Manuel Opitz MedTech Entrepreneur and current co-founder and CEO of Deepeye Medical, Manuel Optiz is the true personification of the phrase “Jack of all trades”.  Having studied industrial & bioengineering at RWTH Aachen and Trinity College Dublin (MSc), he went on to pursue his postgraduate studies in economics at the tri-national CDI in Paris […]
Can you walk on your hands? – All about handstands | Handstand Twins
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Athletic Performance, Entertainment, Handstand, Music (performance), Performance, Performance Art
Ready for a change of perspective? Anna and Caro, also known as the Handstand Twins, introduce us to a fun, upside down world. Their stunning and dynamic performance is interspersed with stories from their performances and lessons they learned while improving their handstand game. About the Handstand Twins When Anna and Caro met in Munich […]

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Need help? I’m listening… | Nightline München
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Communication, Community, Health, Mental health
According to the German Federal Statistical Office, one in four people between the ages of 18 and 25 suffer from a mental health disorder. Of course, isolation during the pandemic has aggravated the problem. To top this, access to therapy, especially for students, has been scarce at best. A member of the student-run helpline, Nightline […]

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Why it’s time to reconsider your opinion on prenups | Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Communication, Future, Prenup, Relationships
Prenuptial Agreements are a no-go area for many soon-to-weds. The stigma surrounding them is still very much present in many societies, consequently perpetuating a disadvantageous system to those who choose family over their careers. To give each other peace of mind and ensure the well-being of their future family, Magdalena and Benedikt not only relished […]

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How I make machines see the 3D world | Daniel Cremers
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: 3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computers, Future, Science, Technology
Teaching computers to understand the world from cameras has incredible potential for all kinds of applications: self-driving cars, medical image analysis, augmented reality, and many more. But the field of computer vision is full of unsolved problems. Daniel Cremers opens a window into the cutting-edge research aimed at solving some of these problems using techniques […]

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Ice Tales: What Icebergs teach us about us | Sebastian Copeland
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Adventure, Art, Climate Change, Future, Photography, Planets
Sebastian Copeland’s life is filled with expeditions to places nobody has set foot in before, which he perpetuates with his breathtaking photography. In his talk, he gives us a taste of his adventures, but also opens the door to an introspective journey into the history of humanity and our beautiful planet. After all, ice has […]

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