A bold call for revolutionizing aviation | Annika Paul
TEDxTUMSalon 2019 • Topics: Aircraft, Development, Engineering, Future, Innovation, Mobility, Product design, Sustainability, Technology, TEDx, Transportation, Travel
A bold call for revolutionizing aviation | Annika Paul | TEDxTUMSalon

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Everybody knows the discomfort of feeling cramped for several hours on a long-distance flight with no choice but wait for the aircraft to land. Annika Paul, working with an interdisciplinary research team, wants to tackle the complex challenge of improving the flying experience. Using a new business model, a new fuel option, and a new aircraft integrating both , Annika shows us a possible future of aviation in which people and places are more quickly connected without harming with less harm to the environment.
About Annika Paul
Annika Paul isn’t your typical mobility expert. A self-described aviation economist for Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Annika breaks out from what’s expected—from singing along to the Foo Fighters during a drive, to tracking her favorite basketball team in the playoffs. Pursuing her goals in life, Annika derives her inspiration from others. She’s utterly energized by the way people reach out to make the world a better place for those they love. For Annika, this is what gets her going every day (and that first cup of coffee is a big bonus, too). If money posed no obstacle, Annika’s next step would be to move to a quaint farmhouse in the countryside with a bed-and-breakfast. After all, as she believes, “success isn’t about winning, but about staying in the game.”