Why it’s time to reconsider your opinion on prenups | Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Communication, Future, Prenup, Relationships

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Prenuptial Agreements are a no-go area for many soon-to-weds. The stigma surrounding them is still very much present in many societies, consequently perpetuating a disadvantageous system to those who choose family over their careers. To give each other peace of mind and ensure the well-being of their future family, Magdalena and Benedikt not only relished negotiating a prenup, but also turned it into the most romantic gesture they could do for each other.

About Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty

Life is full of surprises, which is one of its joys but it can also be daunting when things don’t go as planned. Having experienced this first-hand on an electric car trip along the Silk Road, Benedikt and Magdalena wanted their marriage to be set up having this uncertainty in mind.