How do we learn from failure? | Dean Shepherd
TEDxTUM 2014 • Topics: Business, Career/Life Development, Germany, Performance, Psychology
How do we learn from failure? | Dean Shepherd | TEDxTUM

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We often hear that failure is the mother of success. However, it is rarely discussed how we go from the emotional turmoil caused by failure to the learning process. Through deeply personal stories and his extensive research on entrepreneurship, Dean Shepherd sheds light on this process for both individuals and organizations, and encourages us to make the most out of our own failures.
About Dean Shepherd
Dean Shepherd is the David H. Jacobs Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, United States. He is one of the world's leading entrepreneurship researchers, and is most well-known for his groundbreaking research on entrepreneurial failure. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Technical University of Munich in 2013.