A violin meets a loop station | Gustavo Strauß
TEDxTUM 2018 • Topics: Entertainment, Music (performance)
A violin meets a loop station | Gustavo Strauß | TEDxTUM

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What would happen if you took a popular modern musical element, the loop, and combined it with something unexpected, like a classical string instrument? Gustavo Strauß has taken up this challenge and conducted his own musical experiment. Inspired by his friends, he combines simple and complex melodies and brings us a wonderful string performance.
About Gustavo Strauß
Gustavo Strauß is a German-Peruvian violinist and composer, with a background in music theory, musical education, improvisation and jazz composition. His performance areas range from classical to jazz to world music, fueling his passion for breaking barriers between musical styles. Gustavo regularly tours the globe with his projects as well as other ensembles, bands and orchestras.