Can you walk on your hands? – All about handstands | Handstand Twins
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Athletic Performance, Entertainment, Handstand, Music (performance), Performance, Performance Art

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Ready for a change of perspective? Anna and Caro, also known as the Handstand Twins, introduce us to a fun, upside down world. Their stunning and dynamic performance is interspersed with stories from their performances and lessons they learned while improving their handstand game.

About the Handstand Twins

When Anna and Caro met in Munich in 2018, their world was turned upside down--quite literally! Since then, they have become an inspiring and unique hand balancing duo. Starting with casual workouts, they have now specialized in synchronized hand balancing performances and have taken social media by storm. As handstand coaches, Anna and Caroline guide others on their personal handstand journey that also teaches patience, perseverance and self-awareness.