HerTree | Upcoming Performer at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022

About HerTree

Alexandra, known by her artist name HerTree, is a musician, composer and singer. Manifesting a novel and fascinating approach to music, she introduces the idea of producing music only with nature recordings. Wanting to be remembered by bringing the inherent beauty of nature to the cities and closer to the people, she strides deep into nature seeking to discover the magical moments and sounds that lie deep within it.

Growing up close to forests as a child, she started observing the enchanting melodies it can produce from a small age, leading her to record audio while she was hiking, just so that she could hear them again. Ranging from Bavarian forests to jungles in Thailand, Alexandra records in different environments due to her appreciation of the vast differences between the sounds each produces.

As she released her first songs in 2019, she won a cultural award and was, after the release of her debut album in 2021, featured prominently on German television and radio stations. Currently, she’s working on new songs, looking to bring the sounds of the rainforest to her listeners next.