Building our future with synthetic biology | Jérôme Lutz
TEDxTUM 2016 • Topics: Aging, Biology, Biotech, Computers, Intelligence, Robots, Society, Technology
Building our future with synthetic biology | Jérôme Lutz | TEDxTUM

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When Jérôme was born 30 years ago, our world looked very different. Building on the advances in technology and biology since then, he paints a picture of what our future will look like, interleaved with stunning examples of what we have already achieved, from curing leukaemia to producing yeast from eggs. Jérôme's dream is to build our future together, by combining knowledge, skills and technology.
About Jérôme Lutz
Jérôme Lutz has always been interested in what the future might hold for us, and how we can contribute to shaping it. Driven by questions and visions about the future, he dove into Synthetic Biology two years ago. This transdisciplinary field aims at understanding life by engineering it. His personal notebook from the first days has turned into the shared knowledge platform, where experts and novices teach each other the latest concepts of the field. His drive to achieve even more by working together across disciplines brought him to set up local SynBio communities both in Munich and London.