Laugh, Think, Cry, Laugh Again | Jessamyn Fairfield
TEDxTUM 2017 • Topics: Cancer, Communication, Community, Death, Education, Family, Humor, Life, Science
Laugh, Think, Cry, Laugh Again | Jessamyn Fairfield | TEDxTUM

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Comedy is a way to show our humanity. Comedy makes people listen. Have you ever tried to get a physicist to talk about their academic research at a stand-up night? Jessamyn uses comedy to communicate difficult topics, and humanize things which can be hard to talk about. She tells us how comedy has influenced her life, whilst sharing a personal story about her late father, the challenges they faced, and how humor always carried them through.
About Jessamyn Fairfield
Jessamyn is a physicist specializing in nanomaterials and neuromorphic devices. She is originally from the U.S., and grew up in Los Alamos, the home of the atomic bomb. Her research is about building electronics to emulate the brain, but in addition to research and teaching, Jessamyn loves to talk about science. She runs Bright Club Ireland, a variety night for lateral minds where comedy, music, and ideas come together. She also appears frequently on Futureproof, the Newstalk science radio show, gives lots of public talks, and performs improvised and standup comedy around Ireland and the UK.