How to Change the World With Courage, Intuition and Action | Kai Stuht
TEDxTUM 2017 • Topics: Activism, Art, Career, Decision making, Life, Life Development, Photography, Self, Self improvement
How to Change the World With Courage, Intuition and Action | Kai Stuht | TEDxTUM

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Kai didn’t have an easy life, but his experiences taught him how important it is to hold on to your dreams, even if it takes time and hard work to fulfill them. Following his intuition, Kai taught himself photography, landing jobs and working for the likes of Jan Ullrich and Linkin Park, and reached what he thought was his full potential. However, he wanted more - he wanted to change the world with courage and action. In this talk, Kai shows us why ignorance is holding us back, and how he thinks we can combat this and realign with our intuition.
About Kai Stuht
Kai started as a sports photographer in the 90s and was not satisfied until he found his own very individual and artistic style. His dramatically staged picture worlds appeal to the subconscious, and his philosophical ideas are reflected in his campaigns and artistic works. Today, Kai specializes in photographing VIPs, celebrities and major figures in fashion. In his roles as photographer and creative director, he is a widely acclaimed international trendsetter with his own unique style in editorial design. Amongst other campaigns, he started Project Fovea, in which he explores in depth how our intuition shapes our perception. Kai lives and works as free artist in Berlin.