A vision of a more sustainable mobility system | Kirstin Hegner
TEDxTUM 2022

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About Kirstin Hegner

Kirstin Hegner is an economist by education and, as of 2017, Managing Director of the Digital Hub Mobility at UnternehmerTUM in Munich. Her personal mission is dedicated to shaping the future of mobility by bringing companies, start-ups and scientists together to develop innovative solutions for sustainable, networked and space-appropriate mobility.  

If she’s not working on sustainable mobility solutions, you could find her spending her days out in the mountains hiking, climbing or skiing. An advocate for physical activity, she believes that movement is everything—whether cycling 10km a day on the bike, swaying on the dancefloor or skiing in the Alps. Following the same premise, she thinks that a more active approach to mobility could solve one of the problems that cities like Munich experience - massive traffic jams and air quality problems.

By working with start-ups and incumbents in the mobility industry, Kirstin aims to solve these issues with mobility in large cities around Germany. Through identifying problems and seeking start-ups who could solve them, Digital Hub Mobility works with stakeholders to provide solutions to the market in short timeframes, ultimately reshaping the way we see mobility of the future.