Let’s talk about mental health | Dominique de Marné
TEDxTUM 2019 • Tags: Addiction, Compassion, Connection, Depression, Health, Illness, Mental health, Mindfulness, Personal growth, Personality, Social Change, Stigma, Suicide

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Why do we support a colleague when they’re in the hospital with a broken leg, but tiptoe around the topic when they’re suffering from depression? With her own history of mental health issues, Dominique knows better than most that talking can change everything -- and about the potentially catastrophic consequences of not taking care of your mental health. In this incredibly personal talk, she shares her story and her mission of creating spaces that foster this conversation: to inform, to prevent, to help, and to save lives.

About Dominique de Marné
Dominique de Marné appreciates life’s gifts—big and small. She’d spend every day in the mountains if she could, and yet the light at sunset brings her bliss on a daily basis. So much of Dominique’s personality is electric, but something in particular stands out: ask her to rate her happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, and she’ll probably hit you with a 9. At first blush, she seems like a naturally exuberant person sharing joy with the world…but what if you learned that Dominique’s upbeat demeanor is the hard-won victory over a battle with mental health? Dominique was held captive by a darkness over her life for ten arduous years, but worked to lift herself into the sunshine. Nowadays, as an advocate for mental health, she shares her story to help shine a light for anyone who is struggling in their own darkness.