Manuel Opitz | Upcoming Speaker at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022

About Manuel Opitz

MedTech Entrepreneur and current co-founder and CEO of Deepeye Medical, Manuel Optiz is the true personification of the phrase “Jack of all trades”.  Having studied industrial & bioengineering at RWTH Aachen and Trinity College Dublin (MSc), he went on to pursue his postgraduate studies in economics at the tri-national CDI in Paris (MBA). With a wide array of experience in Germany, China and Switzerland, founding his own startup Mecuris as CEO and COO, raising more than €10m for his MedTech startups, leading teams of up to 30 people and hiring over 100 changemakers, he hopes to work towards revolutionizing the digital healthcare industry. 

In his current role, Manuel analyzes healthcare processes and uses digital technologies like AI to empower physicians to better serve their patients. Being a regular digital health speaker, Manuel has two TEDx talks and multiple podcasts to his credit. With the motto to “learn something new every day”, he hopes to spread awareness and inspire people toward digital healthcare.