Mariah Freya | Upcoming Speaker at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022

About Maria Freya

"My sex life sucked after having kids”, Mariah Freya answered bluntly when asked how her personal life correlates with her profession. With her engaging casual ways, she creates the comfortable atmosphere it takes to capture any audience in a heartbeat, loosen up the mood and provide informed input to spark an effective and educational discussion about sex, which is very rarely achieved in your average school classroom. And she makes it look easy.

That is exactly what you would expect from the co-founder of sex-ed online platform, and you can see for yourself if you listen to the talk to follow along in her trailblazing journey of self-development, that she uses as a base to give inclusive, biologically accurate, pleasure-focused advice and resources on a vast variety of carefully curated topics around sexuality and intimacy.

It is never too late to get the rose-tinted glasses into the bedroom and there aren’t many who can do it quite like the nice lady next door on her way to revolutionize sex education.