Born in Ireland, made in Germany | Mel Kelly
TEDxTUM 2016 • Topics: Aging, Comedy, Culture, Entertainment, Humor, Society
Born in Ireland, made in Germany | Mel Kelly | TEDxTUM

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Mel Kelly lives his life in a balance between making software and comedy. He is a successful IT consultant and a stand-up comedian at the same time. In his talk, he shares his humorous adventures as an Irishman living in Germany for more than 13 years.
About Mel Kelly
Mel Kelly came from Ireland to Germany in 2003 for an IT consulting project, planning to stay a just few months. Thirteen years later, he is still here and still working in the technology field. When Mel was younger, he found public speaking completely terrifying – he suspects the reason is that he spent too much time in front of computers. Now, Mel is founder of the Comedy Club Munich, which has gone from success to success: they have regular comedy events with up to 450 guests.