Contemporary Ballet | Munich International Ballet School
TEDxTUM 2015 • Tags: Art, Creativity, Dance (performance), Entertainment
Contemporary Ballet | Munich International Ballet School | TEDxTUM

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With their sophisticated choreography of purposefully selected dance sequences, the Munich International Ballet School shows a performance of contemporary ballet. In this genre of dance, elements of both classical ballet and modern dance are incorporated. The fast transitions and the girls' floor work take the audience to a different place and possibly remind the spectator of a tropical rain forest. The Munich International Ballet School is a private dance school for children, amateurs and professionals. It covers various kinds of dance ranging from classic ballet to hip-hop, jazz, street dance and historical dances. Since inception, the school built an international reputation for its excellent tuition and many former students are today dancing at highly renowned academies and theaters. Moreover, many students have been known to acquire the highest of ranks at international dance competitions.