My journey to the World Record in freediving under ice | Valentina Cafolla
TEDxTUM 2019 • Topics: Extreme sports, Goal-setting, Motivation, Sports, Water

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Freediving - diving without an air tank - is already an extreme sport but doing it under ice over a long distance sounds even more extreme. Valentina Cafolla not only enjoys doing exactly that, she is also very good at it. In this talk, she shares her story of how she became the female World Record holder for freediving under ice.

About Valentina Cafolla

If you ever need to find Valentina Cafolla, she’s probably somewhere in the sea. An avid devotee to the ocean and everything it has to offer, Valentina spends most of her days with the sea on her mind.

As the Second Strongest Woman in finswimming in Croatia, Valentina feels that the sea is not only a place of peace and mystery, but a catalyst for power. Alongside her prestigious finswimming title, Valentina also holds the Female World Record for Dynamic Freediving under ice—which she earned at just 19 years old. As someone who wants to be remembered for her triumphs in sports, Valentina has already broken the ice toward that achievement.

Fun fact: as a child, Valentina wanted to be a dentist, but she forged her own path, becoming an athlete instead. She’s still following her passions and lunging forward in life.