Need help? I’m listening… | Nightline München
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Communication, Community, Health, Mental health

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According to the German Federal Statistical Office, one in four people between the ages of 18 and 25 suffer from a mental health disorder. Of course, isolation during the pandemic has aggravated the problem. To top this, access to therapy, especially for students, has been scarce at best. A member of the student-run helpline, Nightline München, explains how they aim to help those in need using the approach of active listening, and thus inspires people to listen to those around them better.

About Nightline München

Nightline München was founded in 2010 as an independent, non-profit initiative. Inspired by a concept that first originated in the UK, the goal of the initiative is to provide an ear to as many troubled minds as possible. The listeners never offer advice, and keep all conversations non-judgmental and non-directional. In addition, to ensure that each call is a safe space, all Nightliners maintain strict anonymity.

Due to the nature of her work, the speaker has chosen to remain anonymous.