Nightline München
TEDxTUM 2021

Nightline München is a student initiative whose goal is to listen. They operate late in the evening—when thoughts run loud and friends and family might not be available. By students for students, their goal is to be easily accessible to as many troubled minds as possible and to offer help where it is needed.

The concept of a student-run Nightline originated from the UK and soon expanded through Europe as students were inspired to bring the initiative to their city. Nightline München was founded in 2010 as an independent, non-profit initiative. The group is connected by a strong sense of community, in which members are being continuously trained to facilitate the best possible experience.

Following a strict guideline, the listeners never offer advice and conversations are non-judgmental and non-directional, meaning that the caller decides what they want to talk about and the listener merely assists them in working through what’s on their mind. Most importantly, the calls are completely anonymous and confidential. Nightline München members are fueled by their belief that offering even a little relief to a troubled mind is a great achievement.