Deep Learning Beyond Cats and Dogs | Nils Thuerey
TEDxTUM 2017 • Topics: Computers, Future, Intelligence, Medicine, Technology, Visualization
Deep Learning Beyond Cats and Dogs | Nils Thuerey | TEDxTUM

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Deep learning, which is seemingly everywhere these days, is well-known for its capability to recognize cats and dogs in internet images, but it can and should be used for other things too. It can be used to figure out the complicated physics that dictate fluid behavior. Actually, simulating turbulence is not only a million dollar problem (really, google it!) but it can help us create more realistic virtual worlds. It can even help us understand medical and physiological behaviors like blood flowing through our body.
About Nils Thuerey
Nils performs cutting-edge research and explains how neural networks are well on their way to becoming the fourth pillar of science. Nils Thuerey’s work is in the field of computer graphics: he models physical behaviors of fluids such as water and smoke to enable computer created virtual effects to look like the real thing. These phenomena are very expensive to simulate computationally, so Nils’ research explores the use of deep learning methods to generate the effects more quickly and more realistically. Before assuming his assistant professor position at TUM, Nils studied in Erlangen, held a post-doc position in Zurich, and worked in the visual effects industry. He was awarded a technical Oscar for the development of an algorithm which aids in editing explosion and smoke effects for film.