Novel X-Ray technology that can revolutionize preventive medicine | Julia Herzen
TEDxTUM 2019 • Topics: Disease, Health, Health care, Healthcare, Heart health, Innovation, Medical imaging, Medical research, Medicine, Science

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Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death, often also in young and healthy people. Julia Herzen is working on a novel technology that will enable us to find out more about why this is the case. In this talk, she introduces her method using X-Ray radiation with standard laboratory equipment to not only see bones, but also get high-resolution images of soft matter.  
About Julia Herzen
Julia Herzen considers her main role in this world as that of an X-ray scientist, but a deeper look at her contributions to the field reveal much more. A physicist by profession, Julia rose through the educational ranks to work for a number of years in Hamburg, Brugg, Munich, and Dortmund. Here’s the thing about Julia: she understands the necessity of adaptability. As a teenager, she switched schools five times. She’s lived in four different countries: born in Russia, moved to Kazakhstan at age 4, then to Germany as a pre-teen and to Switzerland as a guest scientist. She’s worked at varying ends of the occupational spectrum; from a geriatric nurse to a biomedical imaging physicist, Julia embodies resilience. When she’s not getting paid to conduct exciting research, you can probably find her in the mountains, or savoring the sound of her daughter’s laughter.