What I do to live the life I want | Petra Dorfner
TEDxTUM 2015 • Topics: Choice, Compassion, Connection, Consciousness, Death, Decision making, Family, Future, Goal-setting, Happiness, Health, Identity, Life, Life Development, Life Hack, Mindfulness, Motivation, Passion, Personal growth, Relationships, Self, Self improvement, Self-help, Work
What I do to live the life I want | Petra Dorfner | TEDxTUM

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When a family member got diagnosed with cancer, Petra started to think about what is really important to her in life. She decided to think about her "Big Five", the 5 goals she wants to reach in life. In her talk, she not only explains her Big Five and how they helped her to accomplish admirable things, but also urges her audience to find the things that give their life true meaning.
About Petra Dorfner
Petra Dorfner takes on many different roles. She is a molecular biotechnologist by training, an interdisciplinary thinker, a team player, a science manager, a problem solver and a project manager. She works at the Graduate School of Bioengineering at TU München, a place where around 50 doctoral candidates find cutting-edge opportunities for conducting their doctoral projects at the interface of engineering, medicine as well as natural, life and computer sciences. Petra is also an optimist by experience of life, a world traveler, a frequent museum visitor mostly for modern art, a dreamer not only at night but also by day and a friend in good and bad times. She is also a wife and believes that becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to her. Day after day she aims to develop and discover new sides to herself and grow as a person.