Robots with muscles: inspired by nature | Rafael Hostettler
TEDxTUM 2014 • Topics: Biology, Computer Science, Culture, Germany, Physics, Technology
Robots with muscles: inspired by nature | Rafael Hostettler | TEDxTUM

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Can robots have muscles and brains like we humans do, and how would a future with them look like? Rafael Hostettler, PhD Student in Myorobotics at the Technical University of Munich, takes us on a fascinating journey on how an adorable humanoid robot with muscles, called Roboy, is born in 9 months, and sheds light on the future of robotics, and what kind of future it might bring us.
About Rafael Hostettler
Being fascinated by the complexity and beauty of everything, Rafael Hostettler always had a hard time to choose. That’s why he has an MSc. in Computational Science from ETH Zurich, where he learnt to simulate just about everything on computers, so he didn’t have to make a decision. Now he’s building robots that imitate the building principles of the human musculoskeletal system and travels the world with Roboy. The 3D printed robot boy that plays in a theatre, goes to school and captivates the audience with his fascinating stories.