How drawing helps you think | Ralph Ammer
TEDxTUM 2018 • Topics: Art, Arts Education, Beauty, Communication, Creation, Creativity, Design, Ideas, Learning, Painting, Personal growth, Visualization
How drawing helps you think | Ralph Ammer | TEDxTUM

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You don't have to be an artist to draw! In this beautifully illustrated talk, Ralph Ammer shows how drawing your thoughts can be a powerful tool for improving your thinking, creativity and communication. He wants you to believe in your drawing abilities, and provides numerous exercises to help you get started.
About Ralph Ammer
Ralph Ammer is a professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and teaches biophilic design, which aims to create life-friendly objects, images, and services based on nature. Ralph believes in the diversity of 21st century craftsmen, regardless of whether they produce well-written programming code, carefully crafted prints, or the occasional ceramic vessel.