The potential of brain stimulation | Sandro Krieg
TEDxTUM 2016 • Topics: Brain, Cancer, Future, Health, Medicine, Mental health, Neurology, Neuroscience, Public health, Science, Surgery
The potential of brain stimulation | Sandro Krieg | TEDxTUM

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Sandro Krieg works with something we hope we will never experience: the diagnosis of brain tumors. However, a technique called nTMS promises hope in removing such tumors: it can accurately map the areas of the brain affected by the tumor so that it can be safely removed. But the method goes even further - with nTMS, neurologists can re-wire the brain so that important functions move to a different area, making it possible to remove the tumor without harming the healthy brain parts. Explaining the method and its effects, Sandro paints an optimistic picture of the brain surgery of the future. Sandro Krieg’s research group clinically established navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS), a mapping technique which is used, amongst others, to help surgeons safely remove brain tumors. In many cases, these tumors are located in critical brain areas, which means that their removal can put the patient’s motoric or speech abilities or other important parts of the brain at risk.