Relax, leading is about trusting your team | Sarah Fleischer
TEDxTUMSalon 2016 • Topics: Big problems, Business, Communication, Community, Creativity, Engineering, Future, Germany, Global issues, Innovation, Leadership, Mobility, Motivation, Sustainability, Transportation
Relax, leading is about trusting your team | Sarah Fleischer | TEDxTUMSalon

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In an increasingly fast-moving world, transportation is one of the Big Problems of the future. Such challenges need to be tackled in an interdisciplinary manner. Sarah Fleischer is part of a student team at the Technical University of Munich which is building a Hyperloop pod as part of the global competition launched by SpaceX. Their dream is to enable people to travel large distances almost at the speed of sound, with emission-free technology. While competing against independent engineering groups from around the world with a self-organized, multidisciplinary and multicultural team, she learned a lot about motivation and leadership. Sarah shares some of these lessons, including how to deal with uncertainty and how to enable people's creativity to thrive.
About Sarah Fleischer
Sarah Fleischer is the Public Relations Lead of the WARR Hyperloop project at the Technical University of Munich. The team is taking part in the international SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition popularized by Elon Musk, with the goal of developing a prototype for a high-speed ground transport system. The competition initially comprised 700 teams from all over the world. Sarah is a student of Mechanical Engineering and complements her studies with an Honours Degree in Technology Management at CDTM. She sees herself as an Entrepreneurial Engineer and believes that only a multidisciplinary team can make a difference in current issues and reach moonshot goals. Her half Chinese, half German background as well as the fact that she has lived on 3 continents taught her that different cultures and approaches can complement each other to solve problems that really matter.