Ice Tales: What Icebergs teach us about us | Sebastian Copeland
TEDxTUM 2021 • Topics: Adventure, Art, Climate Change, Future, Photography, Planets

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Sebastian Copeland’s life is filled with expeditions to places nobody has set foot in before, which he perpetuates with his breathtaking photography. In his talk, he gives us a taste of his adventures, but also opens the door to an introspective journey into the history of humanity and our beautiful planet. After all, ice has come a long way before being captured by his camera, so it has some stories to tell. It can teach us about ourselves and our future, but are we willing to listen?

About Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland made it his mission to call our attention to the most urgent problem facing our generation: climate change. Combining his proclivity for adventure with his inherent inclination toward visual arts and science, he captures and perpetuates the beauty—and the endangerment—of the Polar regions through photography. For his expeditions, Sebastian Copeland was named one of the world’s 25 Most Adventurous Men of the last 25 years by Men’s Journal; he was awarded Photographer of the Year on four occasions, and received the National Order of Merit by French President Emmanuel Macron.