Sebastian Copeland
TEDxTUM 2021

Sebastian Copeland’s favorite word is 'Perseverance'. When asked why, he says “Because no matter the outcome, you are always a winner”. What can we infer about this word choice? Intriguingly, we can better understand the personal drive of a true adventurer and artist whose work is centered around the blank canvas of the frozen desert.
As a man who reached both the North and the South Poles on foot with multiple world records, Sebastian Copeland has led numerous expeditions to document the endangered continent and thereby calls our attention to climate change as an omnipresent threat to our planet. Covering more than 8000 km through the harshest climate our planet has to offer, he has had the privilege to walk in places that had most likely never before seen a human footprint.

According to him, exploration is deeply implanted in our consciousness, and we’re all naturally inclined to explore. Embarking on these journeys has not only allowed him to satisfy his natural curiosity, but also to produce breathtaking, award-winning photography as well as several documentaries.