A question of survival: Why we hunted the Higgs | Steven Goldfarb
TEDxTUM 2015 • Topics: Big problems, Curiosity, Engineering, Evolution, Invention, Physics, Science, Society, Technology
A question of survival: Why we hunted the Higgs | Steven Goldfarb | TEDxTUM

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Why are we constantly asking "Big Questions" such as where we come from or what we are made of? Dr. Steven Goldfarb explains the reasons for human curiosity as well as its consequences, drawing on his experiences around the discovery of the Higgs Boson at CERN. He points out that all of us are scientists, and when we are looking for answers to the universe's fundamental questions, we might make some amazing discoveries.
About Steven Goldfarb
Dr. Steven Goldfarb is an experimental particle physicist working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. Most recently, Dr. Goldfarb has focused efforts on the development of global scientific communication tools and strategies. He chaired a committee in 2006 to address communication requirements of the large worldwide collaborations of the LHC experiments. In this role, Dr. Goldfarb helped to define policy and to design working environments facilitating the active participation of scientists, regardless of geographical location. From 2011-2015, Dr. Goldfarb served as the ATLAS Outreach and Education Coordinator. During this time, he oversaw worldwide communication of the Higgs boson discovery in July 2012, and launched an initiative to employ video facilities in the ATLAS control room at CERN to directly interact with the public. Since then, the ATLAS Virtual Visits program has reached classrooms and other public venues around the world and received a Digital Communication Award in 2012.