This is what happens when you actually understand your dog | Anja Schweimer
TEDxTUM 2019 • Topics: Animals, Design, Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Product design, Start-up

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In this revealing talk, Anja unmasks many myths around dogs she also once believed in. She points out what happens inside dogs when they look out of the window, play fetch or are yelled at, and which alternatives help you to better care for your dog. Furthermore, she explains why several pet products and services are bad for them, and how Animal-Centric Design provides solutions that are built for the actual user - the animal - instead of just for the owner.  
About Anja Schweimer
A self-described Dog Evangelist, Anja Schweimer wants to go down in history as someone who enhanced the lives of millions of animals. In her words, “Animals never betray us, and they spend time with us even if we look like the Swamp Thing.” Her passion for animals is only one side of the story, though. When she’s not trying to telepathically connect to her dog, Peter, Anja is probably creating something from nothing (her own shampoo or deodorant, or perhaps even a magic trick!) or reading anything she can get her hands on. A few intriguing tidbits about Anja? It’s (generally) always sunny on her birthday, she’s usually running five minutes late, and her ultimate goal in life is to have a conversation with a dog. Through Anja’s love of dogs (and really, all animals) we’re able to see the world through new eyes.