The Robotic Future of Elderly Care | Thomas Bock
TEDxTUM 2017 • Topics: Elderly, Future, Intelligence, Interface design, Medicine, Robots, Technology
The Robotic Future of Elderly Care | Thomas Bock | TEDxTUM

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Everything in our lives is becoming smarter and more robotic. Why not use our technological advancements to aid the elderly so they can live independent and self-fulfilled lives? Thomas was inspired by life support systems used for astronauts and wanted to translate the same concept to elderly care. His goal is to create environments for elderly people, assisted by inventions like mechatronic furniture, in which they feel comfortable, useful, and can make their daily lives easier.
About Thomas Bock
Prof. Thomas Bock has a multidisciplinary background having studied architecture, civil engineering and robotics. He is an expert in construction robotics who combines automation, robotics and mechatronics into the built environment to solve future demographic and societal challenges with emphasis on making life easier for the elderly by designing different life support systems. His motivation to assist one of the vulnerable section of the society is very inspiring. He also has a vast international and multicultural experience having worked in different countries like European countries, Iran, North and Central America, Japan, South Korea, China and Russia. He is a pioneer of several new ideas in construction robotics and continues to author several related articles and books.