In this year we upscaled our event. It took place on October 24, 2015 at the Audimax of the TUM. About 500 attendees enjoyed an exciting all-day program of 14 speakers and performances and fun activities.

About the Theme: Facets

A facet is a flat surface on a gem: a calculable, geometric unit. It is also a specific aspect of a personality trait: an incalculable, emotional perception. But only together do these singular facets form beautiful gems; each of them differently built, reflecting the light in their own unique way, and shining bright.

In their singularities, all gems are extraordinary; much like our lives. We constantly balance between the predictable symmetry of our ideas and the capricious glitter of our reality. In all of these facets, we sense the rational and the emotional – facts, technology, and economy – but also the roles, culture, and values they contain. We see the inevitable balance of all edges forming a whole, and feel the volatile aspects of what is contained in the dynamics of life: the many different roles we assume in our visions and plans. Every new idea is an additional facet and shapes another perspective- even more so if these ideas are shared throughout the world.

At TEDxTUM 2015, we thus want to explore facets from the lives of various people with different backgrounds, and facilitate the emergence of new ideas worth spreading.

Watch the talks

Visit our video library to watch the TEDxTUM talks performed on stage

Event Experience

We always say only 50% of the value of a TEDx event comes from the talks. The other 50% come from the experiences and new friends you make. At TEDxTUM 2015, we explored for the first time how we can complement the experience on stage during the time around the sessions. The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Because of this feedback, we doubled down on event experience in the following years.

Photo Booth

Our team prepared a photo booth for our attendees—but not just any old photo booth. Our guests were able to use our photo booth show off the FACETS of their personality by using the props laid out for them. The result? A collection of treasured moments ranging anywhere from completely crazy and (sort of) serious.

Expression Wall

What is happiness for you? Attendees explored this question by finishing the sentence, “Happiness is…” on our chalk wall. The answers given fell all over the spectrum—from ‘having coffee’ to ‘making someone smile with my art.’ Even today, our team members still look at these entries for a pick-me-up on bad days.


Thanks to our generous partners, we can provide a high-quality event. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.