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Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty
TEDxTUM 2021
Life is full of surprises, which is one of its joys but it can also be daunting when things don’t go as planned. Having experienced this first-hand, Benedikt and Magdalena wanted their marriage to be set up having this uncertainty in mind.  Instead of burying their heads in the sand and counting on eternal love […]
Daniel Cremers
TEDxTUM 2021
If you ask Daniel Cremers, physicist by training and computer vision researcher by occupation, about his favorite word, he would pick “passion”. His passion drives him to try to understand the world better and to teach computers to do the same.  He is fascinated and inspired by open challenges and enjoys working with his fellow […]
Sebastian Copeland
TEDxTUM 2021
Sebastian Copeland’s favorite word is ‘Perseverance’. When asked why, he says “Because no matter the outcome, you are always a winner”. What can we infer about this word choice? Intriguingly, we can better understand the personal drive of a true adventurer and artist whose work is centered around the blank canvas of the frozen desert.As […]
Cosma Joy
TEDxTUM 2021
“An onlooker, watching and taking note of the world outside and within myself.” To Cosma Joy, a 20 year old singer and songwriter from Munich,  music is quite literally the soundtrack to her life.  Music is a collection of human experiences, a universal language that tells emotions and connects people. And it was music that […]
Christiana Bukalo
TEDxTUM 2021
If you were to ask Christiana Bukalo, a Social Change Maker, about her one wish—the  response would certainly be “That all stateless people no longer feel singled out, but as a part of a community.” Statelessness and community have been two important aspects in Christiana Bukalo’s life and she has made it her job to […]
The bacteria-eating virus that can prevent a global health crisis | Patrick Großmann
TEDxTUMStudio 2021 • Topics: Antibiotics, Bacteriophages, Biotech, Health, Public health, Science, Technology, TEDx
We are heading towards another global health pandemic – the antibiotic crisis. Over the past century, antibiotics have saved hundreds of millions of lives, due to their high effectiveness in treating infections and killing bacteria. But with increased use, we also increase the likelihood of developing a resistance against them. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is considered […]

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Why our current satellites aren’t as smart as you think | Alexandra Wander
TEDxTUMStudio 2021 • Topics: Aerospace Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Satellites, Science, Space, Spacecraft, Technology, TEDx
Satellites – marvelous, sophisticated machines orbiting planetary bodies – are operated like the toaster on your kitchen counter. They need constant human supervision. If there is a problem on board, they stop their scientific operation till a human operator intervenes. The human operator, in his turn, has to manually analyse thousands of parameters, procedures and […]

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How dinosaurs teach us how our brain works | Lutz Kettler
TEDxTUMStudio 2021 • Topics: Behavior, Brain, Dinosaurs, Hearing, Hearing Aids, Neuroscience, Sound, TEDx, Zoology
While trying to understand such a complex structure like the human brain, we are often required to take a creative approach. For instance, what could a human and a dinosaur possibly have in common? Actually, they hear and process sounds similarly. Observing how birds and crocodilians, the ancestors of dinosaurs, rely on their sense of […]

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