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3 OCTOBER 2021

About the theme: Pulse

All around us, life corresponds to a beat. Footsteps fall along sidewalks and basketballs bounce on public courts—modern-day metronomes of a city’s rhythm. Grocery checkouts beep and postal workers buzz doors, keeping time across society’s most vital functions. 

The Pulse of a place in the world is created by its people: citizens, newcomers, children, and those who shape history. Inevitably, times change. New ideas rock the foundations of stale circumstances and modern concepts permeate tired views. A pulse isn’t limited to waves on a chart—it’s a glimpse at the epicenter of who we are. 

TEDxTUM 2021 encourages you to think in a new way about the tempo of our time: what pieces of our history will we revitalize in a new era? In what ways will we shift and flicker into something different? As history writes itself with us, TEDxTUM invites you to examine the flutters of our way of life.


Date & Time

Sunday, 3 October 2021, 13-19 pm (approx.)

Location TUM Audimax – Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München

Enjoy an afternoon with our 7 speakers and performances.
Engage with like-minded enthusiasts.
Experience scintillating activities designed by our team.

COVID-19 Measures

We take your health and safety seriously, so we have taken a myriad of measures to ensure you can enjoy the day while feeling comfortable and being safe. These are some of the regulations that apply at our event:

  • Attendees age 16+ are required to wear FFP2 masks (age 6 – 15: medical mask required, FFP-2 mask recommended; age <6: mouth-nose-cover recommended)
  • Attendees are required to keep a safety distance of a minimum of 1.5 meters
  • Attendees are required to provide verification of the ‘3G-Regel’. You will be asked to provide a document of identification (ID, passport) on the day of the event to validate your verification. This can be one of the following:
    • certificate of vaccination
    • proof of recovery (min. 28 days in the past, max. within the last 6 months)
    • negative PCR test within 48 hours of the event
    • negative antigen test within 24 hours of the event

In case of non-adherence on the event day, we will not be able to permit you access and your ticket will not be refunded. The measures are subject to change should COVID-19 regulations change. For the full COVID-19 regulations please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Some of these regulations go beyond what is currently required for events to ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable experience. Here is some more information so you can get a more accurate assessment of your exposure: The number of attendees is limited to 100. We designed the activities in the breaks to limit face-to-face interactions and with those that include conversation (e.g. speakers corners) we limit the number of participants and ensure that safety distances can be kept to and crowds cannot form. Instead of a buffet or big meal, we will provide you with snacks and drinks in closed containers.

Language The official event language is English.
Term and Conditions See our Terms & Conditions to learn about general rules and our cancellation policy
FAQ Any questions? Check our FAQ‘s or email us to tickets@tedxtum.com


Christiana Bukalo

Christiana Bukalo

Social Change Maker

Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland

Polar Explorer

Daniel Cremers

Daniel Cremers

Computer Vision Researcher

Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty

Benedikt Ummen & Magdalena Witty

Married Couple

Nightline München

Nightline München



Cosma Joy

Cosma Joy


Handstand Twins

Handstand Twins



Tickets go on sale on Sunday, 19 September 2021, 4pm. 

Please carefully read through our COVID-19 measures to ensure a safe and smooth event!

The ticket amount is very limited for TEDxTUM 2021, so grab your tickets fast! If you can’t attend the event yourself, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. 

Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information.


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