Terms & Conditions

Tickets to TEDxTUM are non-refundable. If you find that you cannot attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to another name up to 72 hours before the event by sending an email to tickets@tedxtum.com with your ticket number and the name to transfer the ticket to. For student tickets, we also need valid proof of matriculation. No transfers are possible after this time, and we cannot change any names at registration.

Please be aware that we are not selling tickets on the event day. If you want to attend TEDxTUM, please purchase a ticket beforehand.

Through the purchase of a ticket, you consent to appear in photos and/or video material recorded at the venue during the event’s duration. These photos and/or videos will then be shared on various on- and offline channels. If you have inquiries as to how this material will be used, please contact us.

By filling out a ticket order, you provide us with data which we will treat confidentially at any given time and not pass on to third parties outside of TED and TEDxTUM. However, we reserve the right to publish statistical breakdowns of our audience characteristics in a form which is not traceable to concrete persons. Moreover, with your purchase, you agree to be added to the TEDxTUM mailing list to send you important information about the event. We will also send you information regarding next events or general information about TEDxTUM afterwards. If you don’t want to get this information, you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter or let us know in advance by sending an email to data@tedxtum.com.

With buying a ticket for TEDxTUM and attending the event, you also agree that we can pass on your email address to TED. TED will only use your address to send you one email to get your feedback about our event. For us, it is important for our next licence that TED gets this feedback, but even more, this feedback is important for us to be able to improve our event in the next year. We hope you will participate in this survey and help us to keep improving TEDxTUM. However, if you don’t want your email address passed on to TED, you can decline this by sending an email to data@tedxtum.com.