Designing living buildings with trees | Ferdinand Ludwig
TEDxTUM 2019 • Topics: Architecture, Botany, Cities, Design, Green, Innovation, Materials, Nature, Plants, Science, Trees, Urban Planning

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As a child, did you want to live up in the treetops? This dream could just become possible: by combining living and traditional building materials, Ferdinand Ludwig creates new types of structures that grow, live, and could one day even house us. In this talk, he shares his vision of this future and explains the ancient and modern techniques it requires to become reality.  
About Ferdinand Ludwig
If you ask architect and TUM Professor Ferdinand Ludwig about his hobbies, he’ll talk to you about trees. In fact, he says that he drives his friends and family crazy with his tree-talk, but here’s the thing: it’s in his nature. With a PhD in architecture and a passion for trees, a revolutionary synthesis was forged: Baubotanik. This innovative way of constructing—blending the natural with the manmade to create structures for the future—launched Ferdinand into a new league of thinkers in the field of architecture. He’s become someone willing to step outside the constraints of the norm to do things differently. By developing the approach of Baubotanik with his associate, Daniel Schönle, multiple living structures have already been vitalized in Europe. Ferdinand’s ultimate goal? A future where clients want to build boldly, and aren’t afraid to incorporate nature into their blueprints…no matter how risky it may seem.