How I failed at zero waste | Sandra Heinzen
TEDxTUM 2019 • Tags: Consumerism, Failure, Goal-setting, Green, Mindfulness, Personal growth, Plastic, Social Change, Sustainability

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Reducing waste is a world-wide challenge. For aspiring minimalist Sandra Heinzen, it felt natural to dive into a zero-waste lifestyle. However, she didn’t imagine to fail so spectacularly. In this talk, she describes her challenges and shows us how to reduce waste in a more doable way.

About Sandra Heinzen
As a user experience designer, Sandra Heinzen is in charge of clearing out the complications and enhancing the user experience for clients in the digital sphere. She has traveled the world, encountered new cultures, and learned from the people she’s met.These days, she’s taking on new projects to optimize the here and now. A side hustle is nothing new for Sandra—who uses activities outside of work like tattooing and web design to keep her mind fresh—but now, she’s going for impact. Inspired by design, art, and the fellow humans of Earth, Sandra’s teaching others how to keep our planet healthier for longer. It’s her ultimate goal to live a robust life, and to keep sustainability as a priority. Whether she’s tattooing her art, building a website from scratch, or enhancing the way we use products, Sandra is committed to creating change—one design at a time