How science helps us break records | Veronica Bessone
TEDxTUMStudio 2021 • Topics: Athletic Performance, Biomechanics, Science, Ski-Jumping, Sports, TEDx

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Joy, anger, fear, these are just some of the primitive emotions you experience when watching any sporting event. But nothing comes without a price. Athletes constantly push the boundaries of their bodies - sometimes at the expense of their safety for our entertainment. Therefore, many athletes work in tandem with scientists to improve their performance in a safe manner. Veronica Bessone, a biomechanist, aids ski-jumpers to improve their technique and also works to minimize the risk of injuries.

Using wearable sensors and working with the athletes of the German national team, Veronica Bessone works to analyze and to better predict the risk factors for injury surveillance and increased performance. If you are going to jump the equivalent of a five-story building then you want the best tools at your disposal!

About Veronica Bessone

Veronica Bessone has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) and obtained her PhD in Sport Biomechanics at the Technical University of Munich where she was part of an interdisciplinary team focusing on the modelling, simulation and optimization of a ski jump.