Science, art and the Big Bang | Judith Egger
TEDxTUMSalon 2018 • Topics: Art, Biology, Biomechanics, Creativity, Evolution, Life, Science
Science, art and the Big Bang | Judith Egger | TEDxTUMSalon

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Judith Egger is an artist who grew up in a family of scientists, in a world where only things that can be proven are considered important. She rebelled against that point of view and created art focusing on the beauty of imperfection and chaos. Teaming up with Prof. Dieter Braun, a biophysicist who tries to simulate the origin of life in his lab, took her completely out of her comfort zone. Inspired by his work and through their many discussions, Judith created a variety of installations focusing on the origin of life and evolution, discovering that science and art are not so different after all. . What can science and art have in common?
About Judith Egger
Judith Egger (*1973, living and working in Munich), a mixed media artist reveals how the latter can help us make sense of even the biggest event in the history of science. She received the Munich interdisciplinary art prize "zwei:eins" for the project proposal Ursprung/Origins, which she presented last year together with her project partner Prof. Dieter Braun. Performances, installations, objects, and drawings by Judith Egger have been shown in cities like Kitakyushu (Japan), Paris, New York, London, Milan and Beijing.