The Glue That Holds Society Together | Jürgen Gradl
TEDxTUM 2017 • Tags: Activism, Career, Community, Global issues, Social Change, Social Justice, Society
The Glue That Holds Society Together | Jürgen Gradl | TEDxTUM

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What kind of society do we want to live in? Jürgen believes that solidarity is the glue that holds together a respectful society. But how can we maintain solidarity? In modern-day Germany, taxes ensure solidarity. We pay taxes and stay in the system because we know it secures other people’s future, and one day, it will secure our own. However, taxes always have a negative connotation and are just one way to incentivize people to contribute to society. Jürgen shows us how solidarity can be maintained in an inclusive, integrative way that is beneficial for everybody, and provide new perspectives that can lead to higher living standards.

About Jürgen Gradl
Jürgen Gradl believes solidarity is a basic virtue of a liberal democratic society, where individuals are afforded many rights but also empathize with and take care of one another. That is why he is currently working on an initiative to grow and strengthen solidarity in society. In his work at TUM Jürgen helped develop the Deutschlandstipendium, a scholarship which factors a wide variety of life experiences, including volunteering experience, migratory background, and/or parenthood, into recipient selection.