The time is now for a sustainable food revolution | Marc Buckley
TEDxTUM 2015 • Tags: Activism, Big problems, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Food, Global issues, Green, Nature, Obesity, Social Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability
The time is now for a sustainable food revolution | Marc Buckley | TEDxTUM

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For Marc it's a safe bet that you all love food, but in his talk he shows how to produce healthy food in a sustainable way. On his search for these technologies he discovered some of the industry's biggest problems. Showing some of the worst consequences, he calls for action. Feeding so many people is a big responsibility, but by combining the exisiting processes and technologies we can build green production facilities and start a sustainable food revolution.

About Marc Buckley
Marc Buckley considers himself an innovative visionary and creative thinker. He believes in human kindness, diversity, trust and freedom. As a moonshot pioneer, he is an optimistic realist who is curious by nature and permeates a positive mental attitude. Marc is a life hacker and has taken on the roles of farmer, truck driver, gardener, football player, cowboy, lumberjack, river guide, ski instructor, polo player, missionary, magazine editor, American Red Cross health and safety instructor trainer, OSHA trainer, photographer, club DJ & radio discjockey, policeman, EMT, lifeguard, soccer coach, life coach, model, and much more. Marc studied at University of Utah, University of Phoenix, Heidelberg University and Bucerius Law School. Since then, he has become the founder and partner of several successful companies, amongst others he co-founded ANJA GmbH & Co. KG with his wife Anja. He is also proud father of three grown children and grandfather to one grandchild.