Stick Up: The layers of tape art | Max Zorn and Audrey Sykes
TEDxTUM 2015 • Topics: Art, Brand, Communication, Community, Cooperation, Creation, Creativity, Design, Entertainment, Happiness, Hope, Invention, Origami, Painting, Simplicity, Success
Stick Up: The layers of tape art | Max Zorn and Audrey Sykes | TEDxTUM

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Having never gone to art school, Max Zorn's dream was never to be a "tape artist". For Max, tape art really was just an idea one night in Amsterdam out of boredom. As Max’s popularity and success grew, Max and his manager, Audrey Sykes, started Stick Together to spread his street art for free to fans around the world. Through this talk and live performance, Max and Audrey try to tell us and show us what makes tape art fascinating.
About Stick Up
In January 2012 an unemployed twenty-something with a science degree climbed up a streetlamp and stuck on it a portrait made of brown packing tape. It was the start of Stick Together, a project driven by urban tape artist Max Zorn and his manager Audrey Sykes to spread street art at night. Fans around the world received his handmade art with the task of sticking them on their city’s street lights. Max Zorn’s tape art took off as he became the face of a new type of street art for the night. In its first year, Stick Together received thousands of participants from Africa to the Americas. And like the tape layers on his artworks, the layers of Max Zorn’s identity began to add. His identity went from street artist to upcyclist to fine artist to bringing new art to foreign cultures. This is the story of an overnight success that stays alive by being new, shocking, and involving a global community.