Ophelia Deroy | Upcoming Speaker at TEDxTUM 2022
TEDxTUM 2022

About Ophelia Deroy

Ophelia Deroy is a Professor for Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience at the LMU in Munich, and a research director at the University of London School of Advanced Study. She has widely researched the brain and mind, steadily motivated by neverending curiosity, deriving from the uncertainty of what the next day has in store.

Numerous publications in both scientific and philosophical journals and lectures all around the world later, she leads the unique interdisciplinary research lab “Cognition, Values, Behavior”. There, how to cope with ambivalence and uncertainty is investigated at various levels, and applied to pressing issues in technology and society.

Together with her team, she sets sail for a pioneering voyage of discovery deep into the realm of human consciousness, taking a glimpse at our behavior and the hidden positive value of indecision.