Towards greener cities – one walking tree at a time | Sandra Decius
TEDxTUMSalon 2019 • Topics: Activism, Cities, Community, Compassion, Green, Public spaces, TEDx, Trees, Urban, Urban Planning
Towards greener cities - one walking tree at a time | Sandra Decius | TEDxTUMSalon

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What are streets for? And who owns our streets? Sandra Decius and the other activists of Green City e.V. have a visionary answer: trees! With the project “Wanderbaumallee” (“Wandering Trees”), they raise awareness for urban green and encourage residents to take back responsibility for their environment. Listen to Sandra’s talk and learn about an unusual way to make your own city greener.
About Sandra Decius
German speakers are few and far-between in Napa, California, but that didn’t stop Sandra Decius from wanting to soak up the language. At 13, she promised herself that she’d be fluent one day, against all odds. Sandra’s dreams became a reality after emigrating from America and finally settling in Munich. In her professional life, Sandra exercised both sides of her brain by dovetailing from a career in engineering to marketing where she worked for 20+ years. Sandra’s audacious leap across the Atlantic always involved altruism. Since her arrival in Germany in 1986, she has assisted migrant children and refugees passing on skills she herself learned at a young age. Today, as a BAMF-certified German teacher, Sandra continues to give back to those in need. This doesn’t diminish her role, however, as an active volunteer at Green City, where she has served for over 25 years. Sandra’s hope is that through this work, she’ll be remembered for her part in making our world greener.