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Things you need to know about TEDx talks

What makes an idea suitable for the TEDxTUM stage?

Good ideas for TEDxTUM

Not-so-good ideas for TEDxTUM

Wrapping this idea into a talk

The BIG idea

These talks focus on one or two very strong points, which are central to the core of the message the speaker aims to convey.

Examples: Bryan Stevenson, Onora O’Neill, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The artist’s statement

In this style of talk, artists showcase their art and explain the meaning and process behind what they create.

Examples: Raghava KK, Liu Bolin Aparna Rao

The small idea

These talks do not introduce a big, world-changing idea, but instead center around a very engaging take on an interesting topic.

Examples: Mary Roach, Joe Smith, Charlie Todd

The "dazzle with wonder"

These talks are mainly about the amazement of science and discovery in a way that’s engaging at every education level.

Examples: Yoav Medan, Marcus Byrne, Janna Levin 

The tech demo

Differing from the norm, these talks are an onstage look at a clever new invention that the speaker was a part of creating.

Examples: Tan Le, Markus Fischer, Raffaello D’Andrea

The "issue" talk

This type of talk takes a more compelling turn, as the speaker works to expose the audience to an issue that they may not otherwise know much about.

Examples: Rodrigo Canales, Lawrence Lessig, Rose George

How to Apply and what happens afterwards

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